About Jack Novak-Zarate

I am a photographer currently located in Sacramento California.

I got my start in photography doing street photography. I grew up in California and went on many trips to SoCal with my dad while he was doing street photography in the small beach towns he grew up in.

After experimenting with street photography for a while, I transitioned into portrait work. This is where I found my true calling I think.

I love to use natural light and most often work with non-models ( people who don’t usually do modeling.)

My goal is to highlight the fact that all people are beautiful. All people deserve to have nice photos! I don’t discriminate based on body type or ethnicity or sexuality. Any and all are welcome!

I want to promote a more body and sex positive world, where people can feel good about themselves and enter into more open conversations with others.

Feel free to contact me and we can discuss your shoot!